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Wax and Foundation

Beginners Packs and Complete Hives

When you first start beekeeping it can be a confusing time. What equipment do I need? How do I get some bees? Where can I keep my bees?...and many more questions.
The first thing we suggest you do is contact Beverley Beekeepers Association and get your name down for their beginners class held every spring. You also need to get hold of a good beekeeping book to begin to learn about some of the theory. We recommend "A Guide to Bees and Honey" by Ted Hooper which can be purchased through us or via your favourite book dealer.

Once you have got come of the basics in terms of theory and practice we can help you get set up. You will need a hive or hives (plus all the frames and foundation), protective clothing such as a veil and gloves, hive tool, smoker and a number of other bits and pieces. We have a complete British National hive kit made up of second quality hive parts and frames comprising:

  • Floorboard

  • Brood box

  • Zinc Queen Excluder *

  • Super

  • Crownboard

  • Roof

  • 11 DN4 Hoffman Deep Frames

  • 11 SN1 Shallow Frames

  • 11 Shts Premier Deep Wired Foundation

  • 11 Shts Premier Shallow Wired Foundation

  • Set of Castellated spacers

  • Mouseguard

  • 2 Porter Bee escapes

  • All of this for 130. Only available to personal callers.We do not ship any items.
    *Framed excluder shown in picture available at an extra cost.

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