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Beginners Packs
Wax and Foundation

Beekeeping Equipment
We are the main East Riding stockists of beekeeping equipment and keep a range of both the standard items and some of the more unusual ones. We only sell to personal callers. Email us to arrange to visit.
We are a main agent for Thorne Beehives based in Wragby Lincolnshire and have many of their items in stock. This includes beeswax foundation, frames and hive parts in the flat.

We can make up hive parts for customers although we do charge a small fee for doing this.Any item not in stock can be ordered.Most of our hive parts are British standard
The cost of starting the hobby can be in the region of 150-200 for hives, clothing, smoker etc. A lot depends on the number of hives you start out with and the extent to which you can buy secondhand equipment.
As well as actual beekeeping equipment we stock a range of honey jars.Our most popular line is the standard 1 pound squat jar but we also have half pound and 12oz hexagonal jars.
Plastic honey buckets in 30lb, 15lb and 7.5 lb are also available all year round.
We trade in good quality beeswax and can swap wax for foundation at Thorne's rates.
We usually have a range of Thorne's "Yorkshire Honey" labels in stock and can order individually designed labels.Please ask. You can see a range of Thorne's labels and the companies full catalogue by clicking here

Agent for Thorne Beekeeping Equipment