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Hives and frames in the flat

The most common type of beehive in use in the UK is called the "British National" Although there are other types available we stock this hive in preference to others. This is also the hive most available to buy second hand so that if you buy some new parts they will be interchangeable with the old.
We stock Thornes western red cedar hives parts "in the flat". They are easy to put togther, we even supply the nails. Assembly instructions are also available. Don't be daunted if you are not a DIY expert we can help and putting the parts together is quite easy. Although the hive parts are second quality they have only a few blemishes such as knots, and are very economic to buy. Although cedar hives will resist rot well it is always best to use a recommended "insect friendly" preservative such as Cuprinol clear.

For customers looking for a bargain we will also supply a complete hive in the flat with all frames, foundation, spacers and other accessories, for just 130 which saves over 10 on the list price.Click HERE for details.


We also stock Thornes second quality national frames. These come in flatpacks of 10. The most popular types are shallow (SN1) frames and deep (DN4) with Hoffman spacing. Frames are best put together using waterproof wood glue and nailed with japanned panel pins (or frame nails) which we also have in stock.

Once you have put together your new frames you will need to fit foundation. Click here to see our range of foundation and learn about trading beeswax.

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